The MaxCOP project is for a heat pump controller with maxiumum coefficient of performance (COP), it will be an efficient system for reducing the amount of energy used in temperature control applications using thermoelectrics.

The project will significantly improve the system performance and efficiency of a thermoelectric cooling system, creating market-leading technology sold into a range of industrial sectors.


Heat pump controller

Diagram of the MaxCOP heat pump controller


The project will;

  • Provide a temperature controllable chamber based on a Peltier module.
  • The controller should be able to maintain a user-defined temperature inside the chamber.
  • The controller will operate from a DC voltage – 30V DC / 15A


Thermoelectric heat pumps

Thermoelectric heat pumps rely on the Peltier effect for their operation and certain types of
semiconductor materials strongly demonstrate the effect. In a semiconductor there are two types of
charge carriers: electrons (negatively charged) and “holes” (positively charged).